Righting the Spiegel Grove

The Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale frequently partners with other local media. In print, they regularly run full-page print graphics, titled “News Illustrated,” on topics that range from science and technology to the War on Terror. In 2002, the Spiegel Grove, a retired Navy ship, was left upside down and sticking out of the water after a mishap occurred when officials were trying to sink it for use as an artificial reef. To explain how a Fort Lauderdale company planned to re-sink the ship, Sun-Sentinel graphics reporters created a full-page “News Illustrated” graphic that explained the debacle and how it would be corrected. They also developed an animated graphic for the news broadcast on CBS Channel 4, as well as an interactive graphic for the Sun-Sentinel website. The animated broadcast graphic included audio voiceover and was combined with video clips of workers preparing the ship for the operation. The interactive graphic presented on the Sun-Sentinel’s website allowed users to click through the steps of the re-sinking process. And each package referred to the others to optimize the number of people who engaged all three.

Click here to link to interactive graphic

Images courtesy of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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