Multimedia journalists, you are in for a treat this week!

Check out an incredible multimedia special report featured on the Detroit Free Press website titled, “The Packard Plant: Why it has to go.” According to the report, the Packard Plant was “once a symbol of industrial might and now ground zero for rustbelt blight.” The explorative package leads off with a captivating video, includes links to an outstanding series of articles, offers an engaging aerial interactive, and displays one of the most beautiful and elegant photo galleries I have seen in awhile. The “Then & Now” feature allows you to move your mouse across each image to reveal historic shots that match present day settings. The result is a breathtaking interactive.

According to the report, “Free Press photographer Brian Kaufman matched 21st century scenes from the Packard Plant with images captured in historic photographs from the National Automotive History Collection at the Rose and Robert Skillman Branch of the Detroit Public Library. For Kaufman, determining the right angle and camera lens were key to capturing an almost identical image. Kaufman shot several variations of each scene and then used Photoshop to align the images.”

You are encouraged to spend some time with this one. You are sure to find a lot of inspiration in the storytelling and presentation.

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