Labeled an “Op-Doc,” An Attack on Equality is a documentary produced by Alison Klayman in which one couple tells their story after being brutally attacked in May 2013 outside Madison Square Garden. “Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins were walking hand in hand when a group of several men, clad in Knicks jerseys, called them “faggots” and pushed them to the ground, beating them to the point of a torn ligament and a broken nose,” according to an article that accompanied the video.

In just under five minutes, An Attack on Equality offers a compelling, engaging and moving look at how attacks on same-sex couples are on the rise in New York, widely known for being a relatively gay-friendly city. But that’s not the only reason this video is worth a look. Op-Docs are “short, opinionated documentaries” produced and published by The New York Times editorial department.  As such, Op-Docs are given “wide creative latitude and a range of artistic styles, covering current affairs, contemporary life and historical subjects.”

Yet again, pushes the boundaries of how multimedia is used by providing filmmakers a voice and platform for presenting thought-provoking pieces on everything from the plight of Congolese refugees, to high unemployment rates in small-town America, to sex offenders who have found refuge in a small community in South Florida. Each is documentary is accompanied by a director’s statement as well.

Klayman is also the director of “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry,” the story of how an avant-garde artist Ai Weiwei became one os China’s best-known and most outspoken political dissidents.



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