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In Focus is a news photography blog by Alan Taylor published regularly by The Atlantic. Taylor, who created the Boston Globe’s widely acclaimed Big Picture photo blog in 2008,  recognizes the power of photography to tell high-impact stories. Although newspapers often don’t have (or won’t devote) the space necessary for this kind of storytelling, photo story packages like In Focus often convey the most compelling stories more accurately and viscerally than any other form of storytelling. Taylor writes, “My goal is to use photography to do the kind of high-impact journalism readers have come to expect on other pages of this site. Along the way, I’ll cover a range of subjects, from breaking news and historical topics to culture high and low. Sometimes, I’ll just showcase amazing photography.”

This week, Taylor uses the In Focus platform to chronicle the Deadly Crackdown in Egypt that left hundreds dead and more than 1,000 injured. The photos are violent, chaotic, and sometimes so graphic that a disclaimer masks the images before a viewer can choose to see it. But ultimately, this curated collection of images by photojournalists in the epicenter of the uprising provides an excruciating up-close look at the violence unfolding in Egypt this week.

I encourage you to explore the In Focus blog beyond this week’s post. Past posts include galleries on Festivals, Animals, Afghanistan and more. And be sure to check out the About page to learn how to get the most out of this photo blog.

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