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This week, I have been completely enthralled by the narrative storytelling, multimedia reporting and overall presentation of Sea Change, a beautiful and elegant package of multimedia stories by Seattle Times photographer Steve Ringman and reporter Craig Welch. The three-part series chronicles what’s at stake as ocean chemistry changes and covers how ocean acidification threatens sea life, the historically lucrative crab industry, and the oyster population. The story package represents months of research and travel to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, in the North Pacific and Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific.

The packaging is at the same elegantly simple and loaded with multimedia texture, including gripping photo galleries, mesmerizing video, beautifully crafted narrative text and informative graphics. The result is an incredible piece of storytelling that represents one of the most perfect examples of truly integrated multimedia storytelling we have ever seen.

There’s also an added treat for the most committed readers and aspiring multimedia journalists: a section called “how we did the project” and another called “meet the reporter and photographer.”


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