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Originally posted earlier this year by Pitch Interactive, a Berkeley-based data visualization unit, Out of Sight, Out of Mind is a captivating graphic that tracks every drone strike since 2004 carried out by the U.S. against Pakistan. The visualization tracks  victims of  strikes using data from the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, specifically noting children and civilian collateral damage.

In March 2012 interview with The Huffington Post, Wesley Grubbs, who created the visualization, said, “We want to shock people. What we tried to do though with this was not just shock people with the number of casualties, but to shock people with the amount of information that we really don’t know.”

Shocking, indeed. The information is elegantly presented and effectively daunting, providing a couple of different views through which access the data: by attacks and then by victims. The visualization is created in HTML5 and JavaScript.

– Ashlee Hayes

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