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A great resource that offers “105 Vital Sources for Journalists” surfaced last week on

In addition to The Multimedia Journalist, the list includes sites that focus on general new media journalism, digital storytelling, interactive media and video & photography. The blog insists that, “anyone mourning the ‘death of journalism’ based on the closure of a few newspapers hasn’t been paying attention. The exponential growth of Internet connection speed and accessibility has ushered in a journalistic renaissance, fusing art, reporting, and storytelling into a single pursuit.”

Here! Here!

Let’s remember that evolution is NOT synonymous with death! “Multimedia and new media journalism are the new normal, and anyone hoping to thrive in the competitive journalism marketplace will have to work with not only the written word, but moving and still images, interactive web presentations, and a plethora of other tools that make rich, digital storytelling so powerful.”

So, if you’re a practicing OR budding multimedia journalist, you should bookmark this list!

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