This week, a freak winter weather event clobbered the Deep South, leaving motorists stranded, politicians red-faced, and even children trapped in their schools for the night. In the Midwest and Northeast U.S., temperatures plunged to double digits below zero a week earlier. While many wonder if a modern ice age may have gripped the country, NASA compiled and visualized over 60 years of temperature data and came up with a much different story.  Turns out, 2013 was actually one of the warmest years on record!

NASAs Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) compiled data from 1000 meteorological stations around the world and calculated the difference between surface temperatures. The resulting animation is compelling. They have been measuring this data for years and continue to record temperatures higher than those measured decades ago. While the debate offer climate change rages on, this visualization gives us something to consider when we’re shoveling our driveways.

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