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Back in 1995, astronomers pointed the Hubble Space Telescope into a small, empty patch of sky that seemed utterly void of any planets, stars or galaxies. For ten days they pointed the most powerful telescope built by humans at absolutely nothing, but what they captured has been called “The Most Important Image Ever Taken.” Called the Hubble Deep Field, the image was far from empty. Instead, thousands of nearby and distant galaxies emerged, giving mankind its first look at the universe when it was young. More images were taken, Ultra Deep Field and even the Extreme Deep Field.

Recently, however, Hubble scientists were able to calculate the distances of these galaxies and created an something even more extraordinary- a 3D rendering of the Ultra Deep Field.

The video, from is beautiful and thought-provoking, plus it is a great example of bringing meaning and context to a rather mind-blowing subject.

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