On April 22, 2014, The New York Times launched its new politics and policy website, The Upshot with the goal of helping readers better navigate the news using data, graphics and technology. Graphics and interactives, built by The Times’ award-winning graphics staff, are a central part of what The Upshot will bring to readers. The focus at the onset is squarely on politics, policy and economics, but will also will cover education, transportation, climate and other issues like sports and culture.

At the heart of their visualization on predicting this year’s Senate race is Leo, the pet-name for the Senate forecasting model created by The Times’ visual journalists Amanda Cox and Josh Katz. Leo combines a myriad of polls, factors in all kinds of variables and makes predictions that are balanced and accurate. As of this writing, Leo notes the race is a tossup.

Data-centric journalism may seem somewhat trendy as of late, but we look forward to seeing the fruits of this kind of innovative and collaborative work among editors, writers, and visual journalists.

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