The Tanis Sphinx

The Egyptian Antiquities virtual tour starting point: The Tanis Sphinx.


In an effort to make better use of digital storytelling, some museums are developing new tools that extend the museum experience beyond the walls of the physical museum space. The Louvre offers a rich digital experience for website users through its Online Tours page. There, the audience is instantly immersed in thousands of years worth of art, history and culture. By choosing one of the available virtual tours, you can travel throughout the museum and learn about art and artifacts with just a click on an image.
For example, the Egyptian Antiquities tour starts off at the “crypt of the Sphinx.” The Tanis Sphinx is brightly lit and users can left-click on the image to see a larger view of the statue, along with some data about its age, characteristics and dimensions. Users can also click and drag across this image and others in the exhibit to see a 360 degree view of the room. Users can also access a map of the entire exhibit so they can easily orient themselves to their location in the museum space. These types of interactivity are offered throughout the Egyptian Antiquities tour, providing the user with an immersive virtual experience that is both engaging and informative. 


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