By Noah Berger/Reuters |Image courtesy of Aljazeera America

By Noah Berger/Reuters | Image courtesy of Aljazeera America


It’s scary to think that something as small as a spark can grow into an inferno. California is having one of the worst fire seasons on record with 11 major wildfires currently raging, the King Fire being the biggest. The King is currently threatening miles of forests, thousands of homes, hundreds of residents, thousands of firefighters and the uncounted journalists—but the firefighters and journalists are chasing the fire instead of running away.

These journalists are capturing the fire and its destructive aftermath while firefighters brave the heat in order to combat the vicious force and help residents whose homes were caught in its path. Aljazeera America illustrated many parts of the story with photos, such as the one above by Noah Berger/Reuters, which capture the orange flames that highlight the worn heroes who try and contain the devastation. In others, charred remains are sifted through as men and women try to find pieces of their lives. These images capture the deadly beauty combined with the heartbreaking reality of what the residents in California are threatened by.

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