The People's Climate March Start

Sounding Off on Climate Change by Colin Archdeacon

On Sunday, September 21, People’s Climate March had 2,808 events in 166 countries, with one large event in New York City. With an estimated 311,000 peoplemarching along a 2.2-mile route for a common concern, the People’s Climate March clogged New York City streets for hours with people who want to make a change. Everyday people, scientists, Hurricane Sandy survivors, former Vice President Al Gore, secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York were all in attendance. The New York Times created a short video to share the event with people who couldn’t go, or maybe didn’t know that it was going on. People’s Climate March had a three-hour-long livestream that is now uploaded on their website andYouTube
The New York Times video, Sounding Off on Climate Change by Colin Archdeacon, is full of bright colors, chants, short blasts of information and interviews, posters, and a lot of people with backpacks. The people are from different places and backgrounds, but they came together in order to send a message before this week’s United Nations Climate Summit. One of the activists said, “To remember your humanity is to remember your connection to the earth.” These hundreds of thousands of people all connected in order to take a stand and bring the world’s attention to this one important topic. This short video is just one way that the word is getting out.
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