NY Times tool for Visualizing potential flooding impact of climate change.

NY Times cartogram for visualizing potential flooding impact of climate change.

Climate change has become a hot-button issue in recent years with both sides of the political spectrum chiming in with opinions and scientists providing data about the legitimacy and potential impact of climate change on the Earth. One such scientific study by Climate Central resulted in estimates for populations of countries that could be affected by flooding. These estimates take into account future potential trends for global carbon emissions and future potential affects by climate change on the sea levels.
The New York Times created a cartogram based on this information that changes when the user chooses specific options for potential trends and sea level affects. The cartogram then shifts to show how many people will be affected by these trends and affects in the coastal countries by changing the sizes of the boxes that represent the population number affected. The number of people that would be potentially affected appears when you hover over the countries’ boxes. This tool is great for visualizing what might happen with the different potential variables that are attributed to climate change. The audience isn’t just told the information; it’s invited to experiment with the factors in order to get a better picture of the possible repercussions of climate change for the millions of people who will be affected by it.​
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