Auschwitz: BBC

Image courtesy of BBC

Last week marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and there was no shortage of compelling multimedia to pay tribute to those who died there. Perhaps one of the most innovative was an interactive video developed by BBC News. Touted as an “experimental new video format” the presentation includes dramatic footage, compelling narrative and interactive features that allow viewers to choose which parts of the story they want to explore further. It’s worth noting that BBC editors couldn’t have picked a better story for this format because the enhanced interactivity creates a dramatic sense of connectedness, changing video viewing from a passive experience to one of deeper physical and emotional engagement.

Perhaps a bit more surprising was Buzzfeed’s simpler, yet also compelling photo gallery “Holocaust Memorials Around the World.” The package offers photos of memorials from around the globe that pay tribute to those who died. The descriptions are short, letting the artwork and striking angles tell the story of remembrance.

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