Make a Hit

What makes a song a cultural phenomena? During the summer of 2015, the million-selling single “ Where Are Ü Now” by Skirllex and Diplo with Justin Bieber deconstructs a down-tempo lyric of longing and creates unique sounds with a futuristic dance beat.

The New York Times video”Bieber, Diplo and Skrillex make a hit” blends video, audio and motion graphics in a captivating visualization of the layers of complexity to make a new sound that is appealing to an audience.

The three artists are interviewed individually and the video jumps between each. Audio from the song is looped into the background of the black and white video; and as the audio plays, colored motion graphics that emphasize, beat, tempo, chords and pitch are layered on top. The video is an innovative way to explain the artists’ process and literally shows how the song evolved from the original sample of piano chords to the dolphin sound created through the deconstruction of Bieber’s voice.

Visualizing the audio also allows the reader to empathize with the artists. Skrillex explains the negative perceptions that people lack talent when computer software is used to make music. However, these motion graphics allow viewers to see the music’s complexity.

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