The New York Times video, Change One Habit to Change Everything, is proof that strong art direction can elevate a story and increase viewer engagement. The video tells the story of C.E.O. reversing the fortunes of a struggling aluminum company by focusing on worker safety. This story serves to demonstrate how changing one habit can start a chain reaction that influences future decisions. This video differentiates itself from a traditional news story because of its excellent presentation.

The video is framed by shapes, including triangle and circles. This unique display of content creates a more dynamic presentation. In particular, each scene transition flows naturally as the shape swipes from top to bottom or side to side. The video also makes use of motion graphics. Whether it be video overlaid with illustrations or simple animations of text and lines, the use of motion graphics compliments the conversational narration and continues the momentum of the story. Videos like this demonstrate the power of pre-planning and art direction. The unique framing and use of motion graphics elevate the story by creating a more engaging viewing experience.

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