The Multimedia Journalist

Oxford University Press, 2012

Welcome! This website is the companion to The Multimedia Journalist: Mastering Storytelling for Today’s Media Landscape by Jennifer George-Palilonis. This rich textbook is intended to teach students how to become visual storytellers—a necessity in new media. The book represents all-inclusive overview of multimedia journalism and implements a practical approach that serves as a how-to guide for becoming a journalist in our shifting landscape. With this interactive companion website The Multimedia Journalist is a versatile text for students pursuing newswriting, information graphics reporting and video/audio storytelling.

The book and this site site are meant to go hand-in-hand, as the book provides a practical foundation for multimedia storytelling skills, while the website is a frequently updated collection of additional resources. For a synopsis of what you will find in the book, visit the Chapter Overviews section.  Ultimately, our hope is that the boundaries of your classroom begin to dissolve as you join a broader conversation about these topics.



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