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Miranda Mulligan is the design director for BostonGlobe.com and Boston.com, the websites for The Boston Globe. She is a multimedia designer and educator with over ten years of professional experience in print design, photography, and information graphics reporting. Her work has received awards from the Online News Association, Virginia Press Association, the National Press Photographers Association, and the Society for News Design.


Anyone. Anywhere. Tracking Meghan Landowski’s Killer



Reporter: Janie Bryant

Video reporting: Brian Clark (with court video from Steve Earley)

Video story editing: Brian Clark and Miranda Mulligan

Interactivity: Miranda Mulligan

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For months in 2008, investigators gathered every Tuesday in a nondescript conference room to strategize their hunt for 16-year-old Meghan Landowski’s killer. Her murder went unsolved for six months while fear grew in a southeast Virginia community. And the police waited until the murderer pleaded guilty and a judge sentenced him to 42 years in prison to talk about the investigation that began with a 911 call on April 10, 2008. Reporter Janie Bryant had been chipping away at every angle of the story since the start, and the portion that would explain the investigation was finally scheduled to run in The Virginian-Pilot’s Sunday Magazine section in the middle of March 2010.

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