Japan And Haiti: Picturing The Unimaginable

National Public Radio photographer David Gilkey is no stranger to covering dramatic news events. From wars to natural disaster, Gilkey travels the world telling some of the planet’s most compelling stories with pictures. “The disasters in Haiti one year ago and now in Japan challenge even the best photojournalists to compose a shot that helps us get a sense of the horrific scale of destruction that nature has visited upon both countries” (npr.org). This innovative package of photos chronicles the aftermaths of two of 2011’s biggest stories. The juxtaposition of images from each country, side by side, provide the viewer with a rich and definitely heart-breaking glimpse of the lives of those most affected by these events.

The package also includes a link to a “Weekend Edition Sunday” interview with Gilkey about his experiences photographing these events. This is a very extremely insightful piece for aspiring multimedia journalists and photographers.

Click here to link to the story on National Public Radio

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