The Future of News

If there is one thing the digital age has shown us, it is that things change so rapidly that the “future” rushes upon us at breakneck speeds, and “new” becomes “old” with the blink of an eye. However, this chapter will not attempt to predict where news and journalism will be 10 years from now. It will not advocate hardware or software programs that will surely be frequently updated and replaced. Rather, this chapter attempts to summarize practical things you can do to help prepare for a career in multimedia journalism. We will briefly look at the role of social media in reporting news and information. And we will summarize how to assemble a multimedia toolbox that will ensure you are able to do your best work right out of the gate. In other words, now that you have been exposed to a number of multimedia skills, this chapter will help you understand how to apply them.

Topics Covered

How to be enterprising and entrepreneurial
Being entrepreneurial can mean a number of things. And you are only limited by your own skills and imagination when it comes to finding ways to be enterprising. Today’s newsrooms are experimenting with new ways of doing things. So, working in those environments requires an ability to innovate and find new ways to apply your existing skills.

A practical discussion of social media
The demand for social media skills has been on a rapid incline. And as the number of tools like Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps that encourage connectivity and community increase, so too will the need for journalists who know how to use them.

Creating an experience
News organizations are beginning to harness the potential of multimedia by creating rich user experiences that come in many forms. Today’s journalists need to find ways to give people what they want. Find ways to enhance, educate, and engage. And understand that although content should always drive design, presentation is as much a part of the telling of a story as the words and pictures that comprise it.