Create a Community

This website is a companion to the textbook, The Multimedia Journalist (Oxford University Press, 2012), by Jennifer George-Palilonis. The book and the site are meant to go hand-in-hand, as the book provides a practical foundation for multimedia storytelling skills, while the website is a frequently updated collection of additional resources. For a synopsis of what you will find in the book, visit the Chapter Overviews section.

This site also represents an effort to build a community around the book and the concept of multimedia storytelling and digital journalism. So, check out the Forum section in which you are invited to submit examples of your own work or the work of others that you find inspiring. You can also post comments on examples and professional perspectives. Ultimately, our hope is that the boundaries of your classroom begin to dissolve as you join a broader conversation about these topics.

Multimedia Examples

One of the best ways to become good at something is to observe the pros. So here we provide examples of different forms of digital storytelling, including audio, video, photo packages and information graphics. Some of the examples are referred to in the book and linked to here so that you can interact with and view them in their entirety. However, the site doesn’t stop where the book left off. We’ll add new examples of multimedia storytelling frequently so that you can keep up with trends and innovation in the industry.

Professional Perspectives

There are a lot of really talented journalists paving the way for the future of news. This section of the site will regularly showcase new interviews with some of the best and the brightest.


The book also references several exercises in each chapter to help you practice your newly learned skills. Visit the Resources/Exercises section of the site to download source files for those exercises and find new ones we have posted since the book was published.


Because new software is always emerging and old software is always updating, it didn’t make sense to load the book with a lot of information about software that would soon be obsolete. So, the website includes a Tutorials section that will include additional exercises to help you get familiar with the tools you’ll need to develop web pages and interactive graphics, as well as edit video and audio.