Onward & Upward

In the current media landscape, having skills and understanding the nature of multimedia storytelling will go a long way toward making you marketable. But believe it or not, it doesn’t stop there. Today’s multimedia journalists must also understand how to produce complete story packages and manage large amounts and different kinds of multimedia content.

And, perhaps most important, contemporary journalists must be more enterprising than ever before. At the moment, whether you realize it or not, you are preparing for your first job out of college and perhaps a number of subsequent jobs as well. And those future positions may look very different than the one you will land right after graduation.

Successful multimedia journalists will know how to apply their storytelling and story production skills in both traditional and less traditional environments. And they will likely find venues for their work in journalistic and non-journalistic settings. In fact, being a journalist in the twenty-first century is an extremely exciting proposition because multimedia storytelling skills have a wide variety of applications. The possibilities for your future are endless.

This final unit explores how multimedia stories come together, and how to manage content, as well as how to be entrepreneurial in a multimedia world. Likewise, it will briefly explore the role of social media in journalistic storytelling and offer tips on how to harness its power as both a storytelling tool and promotional aid. Finally, the chapters that follow offer a collection of some of the best and most inspiring multimedia resources in the world. These will help you effectively stay on top of the evolution of journalism long after finishing this book.