The Multimedia Journalist

Oxford University Press, 2012

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This website is the companion to The Multimedia Journalist: Mastering Storytelling for Today’s Media Landscape. This rich textbook is intended to teach students how to become visual storytellers—a necessity in new media. The book represents all-inclusive overview of multimedia journalism and implements a practical approach that serves as a how-to guide for becoming a journalist in our shifting landscape. With this interactive companion website The Multimedia Journalist is a versatile text for students pursuing newswriting, information graphics reporting and video/audio storytelling.

“Chapter 1 alone is worth buying the book. I love the way it presents the state of the industry realistically but refuses to sink into the naysayer-type misery that we are seeing industry-wide.”

—Renee Human, Northern Kentucky University

“I love that attention is paid to issues like usability, navigation, and the audience. Too often those issues are left out of textbooks.”

—Jennifer Mackay, Virginia Tech

“The best book I’ve read on journalism in the digital era. It’s comprehensive without becoming ponderous. It should become the standard text for journalism students.”

—Eric Chatterjee, Northern Kentucky University