Video Editing Exercise

Click this link to download a package of video clips. Open the files in the video-editing program of your choice and edit them into a 30- to 45-second story. You are free to trim clips and determine how they should be sequenced. When you are finished, save your completed video story. Post the finished video story to your WordPress site.

Other Exercises

Using a digital video camera, shoot 10 30-second clips that illustrate the following concepts:

1. Extreme wide shot
2. Very wide shot
3. Wide shot
4. Mid shot
5. Medium close up shot
6. Close up shot
7. Extreme close up shot
8. Cut in shot

Post the finished video clips to your WordPress site.


Identify a story or multiple stories that would make for good video packages. Then, develop the following types of video stories:

1. Standard video news package that includes b-roll, interview footage, narrative audio,
and on-screen talent footage.
2. Edited narrative.
3. Video diary
4. Moving pictures
5. Vodcast (or video briefs)

Post your finished video stories to your WordPress site.


Identify a story that would make for a good moving pictures presentation. Then, create a
60-second clip with ambient sound. Post your finished clip to your WordPress site.