Software Tutorials

Software is always changing. This part of the site is intended to provide simple, up-to-date tutorials. These tutorials are designed as step-by-step PDF guides that walk you through each exercise. When necessary, you will also be provided with source files to accompany the tutorials.

Note to educators: Please feel free to download these files for use in your classes. I find this method of teaching software to be quite effective. You can follow the instructions on the PDF and lead your students through these exercises in class. And because they are all designed as short, simple exercises, you can get through each one in roughly one class period!

Keep coming back to the Tutorials section to see what’s new in the latest multimedia software programs, including:

Adobe Dreamweaver


Adobe Flash

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Final Cut Pro

Important note: All tutorials found here are compatible with both PC and MAC computers. However, you do need to install the software in order the complete the exercises.

Click here to download free trials of most Adobe programs.