Multimedia Examples

If you own The Multimedia Journalist, then you know that there are lots of examples of different forms of storytelling in the book, from audio stories to information graphics, video stories to photo slideshows and galleries. Just one problem: you can’t listen to audio, interact with a graphic, watch a video or engage with a photo gallery in a printed book. That’s partly where the website comes in!

One of the features of the website is to give you the opportunity to view the multimedia examples referred to in the book in their natural states online. So, in this section, you will find interactive examples of all the stories mentioned in the book. Over time, links to those examples may stop working  as news organizations take down old content. When that happens, we’ll let you know online and provide a link to anot

her example that exhibits some of the same characteristics of the original. We’ll also use these area of the site to highlight new and innovative examples of multimedia storytelling that have been produced and published since the book was printed. So keep returning to this section of the site for new inspiration, as it will be regularly updated.

Also, right in line with our desire to create a community around the book through the website, you are invited to contact us when you encounter examples that you find to be particularly interesting or inspiring. We would love to share your inspiration with others. If you would like to submit a recommendation for a featured example, send an email with a link to the example to: