Resources & Exercises

If you own The Multimedia Journalist, you know that the book includes a number of exercises to help you practice your storytelling skills. In some cases, the book provides all the information you need to complete an assignment. In other cases, you are asked to visit the resource section of the website to download some source files that will help you complete an exercise.

This section of the website provides content for many different types of storytelling, from developing slideshows and galleries to editing video clips. But we won’t stop with the exercises offered in the book. Keep coming back for new ideas about how to practice your multimedia storytelling skills, as well as new source files that will provide you with the content you need to create interesting story packages.

Also, if you have a great idea for an exercise, please share it with us! You can email ideas to

Important note: We always link to the original source for professional examples found on this site. Some news sites are protected by pay walls. Therefore, there may be a limited number of times you can access some links before you are asked to register and pay.